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System Requirements

  • 64-bit Windows 7+
  • Intel® Core™ i7 - 6900K 6th Generation
  • 16 - 32GB RAM
  • 6 - 16 GPU NVidia graphic Video card (If you use AEEP or Face recognition)
  • Min 1TB HDD

System Requirements

  • Signature Pad (if you required someone signature for later record ) Topaz T-S460-HSB-R
  • Scanner (if you intend to scan someone id and store it on the system for later record) : (Any Brand)
  • Smart Chip ID Card Reader(if you intend to extract peso information directly from the chip ): HID OMNIKEY 3121,
  •  Sagem MorphoSmart 1350
  • MRZ ID Card Reader(if you intended to speed the entry process)  : (Any Brand)
  • 3M Passport reader (if you intended to keep also image record of all registered  entries) 
  • High resolution IP camera (if you using face recognition time & Attendance)
  • Biometric Reader ( if you intend to use time and attendance and use login biomatricaly ZKTeco ZK4500
For any inquiries, system support or further knowledge regarding SMS by KeyTech, please contact us through the enquiry form below. Additionally, you may use the live chat to speak with a SMS by KeyTech agent.
Support agents at SMS by KeyTech are prepared to answer any queries you may have. A live chat function is available at the bottom right hand-side of the screen. If a support agent is not online, you may leave a message and we will come back to you as soon as possible. Please provide as many details as possible along with your contact information.
For further technical support, we highly recommend downloading Teamviewer and providing us with the necessary credentials in order to access and configure your system remotely. Please download Teamviewer below:

At SMS by KeyTech Ltd, we believe that security and facility management should be a straightforward and uncomplicated process. It should deliver efficiency, accountability, and consistency. SMS by KeyTech promises to not only revolutionize current security and facility procedures but also establishes a new standard within the industry. The value provided by our services and solutions will allow you to compete at unrivalled levels.

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