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Whether your property is a business or residential, you can enjoy the fastest and most efficient way to occupy or vacate the property, SMS (occupy / vacate) is designed to ensure that all the required documentation is being provided before occupying or vacating the property. It manages occupancy, enhances the Search and protects in case of emergency evacuation. It helps to locate all those with special needs in an emergency evacuation and remotely accessible & user friendly.
As of you are already aware that it's very difficult for security staff to remember every occupant in your property. SMS Occupy/Vacate gives you all the information you need to differentiate between occupants or visitor. With manual processing, it will take longer time to find, Identify, locate and rescue those with the special needs in your property, Also in some cases like fire emergencies civil-defense or others agencies might have to breakdown many doors to evacuate the occupants, SMS can quickly verify each and every person upon return to their property that safeguard the occupant's personal belongings from the access of unauthorized person.
  Desktop application with web accessibility
  A quick and efficient way to occupy or vacate a property
  A complete occupancy information & analysis
  Ensures the correct documents are provided before occupying a property
  Information access via secure web login
  Enhances the search and rescue in an event of evacuation
  Prevents duplicate or false information
  Greater customer satisfaction
  Provides instant information on the location of disabled or underage individuals in case of emergency situations
  Strengthen the communication between occupant and management
  Free Cloud Backup
  User Friendly
  Environment Friendly
Occupy/ Vacate is an integral part of SMS Smart Multi-Purpose Solutions. It takes care of all the possible details during the process of "Move-In" and "Move-Out". Occupants have to provide complete information and documents. The system scans the documents and takes the digital signature of the occupant. During the process of "Move-Out", a final inspection report is generated. After confirmation of repair and cleaning of the property, the deposit is returned. Once everything is confirmed, the account of the party is closed.

You may want to request your visitor to sign-in before entry.

  • Topaz T-S460-HSB-R

For a quick authentication and to avoid manual typing error, it is recommended to use any of the hardware listed.

  • HID OMNIKEY 3121
  • Sagem MorphoSmart 1350

For a quick authentication and to avoid manual typing error, it is recommended to use the hardware listed.

  • 3M

It is a mandatory requirement to archive documents such as NOC certificate, Authorization letter, ID, Work permit etc.

  • Any Brand

You may want to request from your personal or business visitors to have their photo taken the first and one time only for the record before entry.

  • Any Brand

It is not mandatory requirement. It can only be used for the operators to log in biometrically instead of manually using user name and password.

  • ZKTeco ZK4500

At SMS by KeyTech Ltd, we believe that security and facility management should be a straightforward and uncomplicated process. It should deliver efficiency, accountability, and consistency. SMS by KeyTech promises to not only revolutionize current security and facility procedures but also establishes a new standard within the industry. The value provided by our services and solutions will allow you to compete at unrivalled levels.

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